SBC Classic Car

Automotive Electronic Blockchain Information System
UK Patent Pending

Our AEBIS tamper-proof, unhackable products offer the first UK patent pending in-vehicle mesh-network hardware units, capable of fast & secure communications, encryption, massive data processing and storage.

One of the fundamental benefits of blockchain distributed ledger technology is the use of “distributed” computing nodes, like in a “mesh network.” These network “nodes” need to be capable of handling massive data storage and also have to be able to operate complex encryption calculations, in addition to providing a secure-channel for communications.

AEBIS car network-nodes are designed to perform at 99.9% "hack-proof"  (NCSC CPA application and evaluation for 2018 program with a leading UK laboratory) for certified encryption performance. AEBIS technology enables an entirely disruptive network-node firewall for secure V2V (vehicle to vehicle) and V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) communications.

AEBIS "Classic Car" & Advanced AEBIS

BitBond’s AEBIS tamper-proof products offer mobile mesh-network hardware devices capable of fast and secure communications, encryption, massive data processing and storage.

AEBIS Classic - SBC™-protected devices for classic and vintage automobiles

AEBIS Novus -   SBC™-protected devices for ECU-equipped automobiles complying OBD-II and EOBD regulations.

Blockchain Car Records

Blockchain secure and authenticated car records, service and history.


Dealer and Investor Blockchain Network

IBM Cloud Private Network for Dealers and Investors

Secure Blockchain Connect

Encrypted end-to-end car communications

Absolute Car Security

Tamper-proof UK Patent Pending car security devices