Pitch@Palace 9.0

"Failure is not an option."   -  attributed to Gene Kranz, Flight Controller, NASA. - Jerry C. Bostick, Flight Dynamics Officer (FDO) Apollo 13 - Wikipedia.

I am honoured to have in mind an Entrepreneurial axiom for critical situations. Being one who loves Artificial Intelligence, I imagine this idea is working for me like a human machine learning algorithm! I'm sure we're all processing such a powerful shared experience at Pitch@Palace 9.0

Personally, HRH's inspiring Keynote lecture,  as well as the important words said by Ciaran Martin, CEO NCSC have made me consider carefully BitBond.UK's commitment to making the UK a safe and secure Country to live and work on-line.  We are grateful to HRH Duke of York for the opportunity to propose building  a new secure SBC digital A.I. radio network for the United Kingdom.

BitBond.UK proposes adding value with bespoke hardware platform secure SBC solutions for vehicular networks. There is scientific evidence to support believing that all great "World Changing Ideas" have followed an evolutionary process involving a sequence of incrementally more perfect versions. Our technology is the product of many prior years of research and development and the insights and eurekas we've captured in our new engineering. Rarely do great ideas get implemented at the first try. Rather, all of our great technologies are the result of an incremental, more perfect embodiements of better and better versions of the same original "World Changing Idea.

NASA's Great Pitch:  Apollo 13 Movie

The legendary Mission Flight Controller Gene Kranz ordered everyone in Mission Control into a packed auditorium and delivered one of the best pitches ever scripted about the Apollo 13 mission.

After a few critical moments, when Apollo 13 transmitted the cryptic words "Houston, we have a problem" Gene Kranz (or "Flight" his Mission Control call sign) drew on a blackboard a circle representing the Earth and smaller one higher up to the right representing the Moon, loudly drawing an "x" and a "y" on the board. One in the midpoint between the Earth and the Moon and the other he drew by pushing hard on the white chalk, extending a screeching line all the way around the Moon and back to the Earth, breaking the chalk with one final "crunching punch" by striking the bigger circle and announcing at the top of his voice: "Gentlemen, this is where we are according to FIDO, in Translunar Injection Trajectory. This is the free trajectory around the Moon and back safely to Earth. This is home, where we are going to bring back this crew. Failure is not an Option!

I would like to say to Pitch@Palace 9.0 that when it comes to the safety and security of the UK in the digital domain, which is where we can make our unique contributions, I am sure that I can say with all of us that for sure "Failure is not an Option!" And of course we know that failure only really comes when we've given up and which is something that we shall never do. We shall never surrender!

As I was making my way back home from Cheltenham last night, I came across one of the lovely and helpful Tube whiteboard signs at St Pancreas, which read in black marker "You've only got three choices in Life, give up, give in or give it all you've got."

Let's use this experience to commit with our greatest dedication to the spirit of Pitching with perfection our mission and continue to build the next successful experience. Let's reach success in a long-term and sustainable manner, which is my wish for all of you Enterpreneurs of Pitch@Palace 9.0 and for entrepreneurs in general.

"The Spirit of Apollo" by Dr. Sidney Newton Bremer, Ph.D. (out-of-print, but you can order one on-line from different sources) is a book that has always inspired me. It was written by one of the leaders of the Apollo Program, who worked behind the scenes to select the people and the astronauts that would eventually design, invent and build one of the most amazing works of engineering and innovation that the world has ever witnessed.

According to Dr Bremer, it was the principle of personal faith in Self, of a deeply rooted sense of destiny and the power to never give up because of their love for their Mission, which drove the men and woman of the Apollo Missions to achieve great success and overcome complexities which are difficult to imagine, even to this day.

Godspeed to the class of Pitch@Palace on Tour at Cheltenham.

Floren, CEO at BitBond.UK. - @MassModificator (follow me on @Twitter)

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