IBM Blockchain Revolution Christmas Talk

Canterbury Christ Church University on 8th December 2017

We want to thank the Senior staff at the University for the wonderful invitation to deliver this years Christmas’ lecture. It was a pleasure having an engaged and fun audience and we are grateful for a warm reception. We look forward to our continued Mainframe work with IBM Blockchain and Z Systems groups.

Our special thanks to Colin Page and Dominic Day from IBM and to Ron Argent from Cognition Foundry for making the trip to Canterbury and sharing with the University an impressive portfolfio of technologies to lead the way.

After our morning lecture, we had an opportunity to meet with a group of University Senior staff and faculty, with whom we explored in much greater detail the hardware that will empower the Blockchain “steam-engine.”  It was great to go into greater technical details during an afternoon mainframe system’s discussion with IBM. Thank you all for a special day, which was generously celebrated with our wonderful Christmas Lunch at the cafeteria, it really made our day special.

Our talk incorporated work we completed last October, during an intense IBM Blockchain workshop in which BitBond and CCCU sponsored two brilliant and hard working CCCU students for four days of intense training together at the IBM Hursley Research Laboratory.  As a result of our continued Internship programme for 2018, we invite faculty and students to access the protected section of this website. If you want a password, please email us your message by filling out the contact form below and we’ll be glad to get back to you with CCCU faculty and student access.

IBM Hursley R&D Centre & Hursley House

We welcome new inquiries for our 2018 Internship programme.

We want you to think about Bitcoin as a computer application and Blockchain as an operating system on which it runs. Our open world wide web and then entire system of cash payments and assets transfers is about to be launched into one of the most important transformations of our time.

We call this the Blockchain Revolution.




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