Secure Blockchain Connect


BitBond.UK is our Cybersecurity group and our mission is to help you secure high value IoT mobile systems. Our team of system innovators and advisors is committed to creating bespoke Digital Transformation Solutions.

Secure Blockchain Connect™  represents a new generation of IoT "Super-User" hardware devices for absolute "security-by-design" in IoT neworks. SBC smart IoT networks are scalable by incorporating innovative distributed-processing IoT hardware products for bespoke applications.

"Secure Blockchain Connect" IoT hardware technology is designed to be easily retro-fit onto vehicles, aircraft, ships, art objects and many other kinds of networks. SBC is designed for safe onboarding, authentication and permanent protection of the provenance data, history, service and maintenance logs, permits and authorizations of vehicles.

"Classic Car" is a vehicular network application for hardware cybersecurity device in order to deliver "end-to-end" secure wireless communications with vehicles for services and applications using blockchain encrypted information.


"Secure Blockchain Connect"

UK Pat Pend TM


Automotive Electronic Blockchain System


Advanced crypto-suite and other UK patent pending

Secure Ledger

All automotive car records, ownership, history, service and all valuable documentation related to classic and vintage cars.


UK Patent Pending blockchain

Multi-Hop Artificial Intelligence Radio
Multi-Radio and Multi-Hop
Blockchain Ecosystem

IBM Blockchain Private Network of Car Ecosystem

Connectivity Firewall

AEBIS provides a 99.9% secure Firewall for Connectivity