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Quantum OpticSecure (TM)


Imagine a world where cars could drive themselves using Artificial Intelligence and perfect security systems in order to trust them and enable you to relax and enjoy the ride. Imagine that you could install a new car computer in any car and transform it overnight into a smart AI enabled, securely connected car.

Welcome to AEBIS, our Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) car computer, secured by an entirely disruptive Optical Communications security system.

Our "Automotive Electronic Blockchain Information System" computer is able to communicate using special optical security features to keep your car secure. AEBIS devices can be installed in the boot of a car and is designed to qualify in the future, for a series of benefits from insurance companies as well as facilitate, authenticate and keep relevant records secure for other corporate sponsors and UK Government agencies, like DVLA.

AEBIS will store everything about a car’s history in a specialized blockchain database in order to combat all types of car after-market fraud, hidden defects, cowboy MOT's, delinquent tax and leases, hidden accidents and in a nutshell, certify the authenticity, provenance and value of your car.

AEBIS is designed to provide the driver on-the-road connectivity and a broadband hotspot for devices, including a super-safe firewall to keep the driver secure. The owner of a car with our AEBIS technology installed on-board will have an Artificial Intelligence assistant that is able to provide the driver with a host of heads-up display features and voice commands.

Everything about a car and it's mechanical performance can be monitored and managed from designated computer devices. A car will be able to communicate with the owner and let him know if a repair is required before it happens. It may also assist in determining the best and most convenient parts and repair site, which may be linked to a growing number of AEBIS car computer certified service stations.

Quantum Light Ltd  is a subsidiary of Helios Energia Ltd.

We are technology company funded with our own investments and inspired by our unique vision for implementing "Digital Transformation" and Cybersecurity solutions for the Internet-of-things. We are committed to the commercial success of our Clients and Investors by applying our collective business experience and by further developing our capitalization base, our technolgy assets and our engineering team. We are currently building and developing our new base of operations in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Our mission is to constantly innovate by applying our insights and experience in optical communications for embedded systems, cybersecurity, hardware design and large sensor network engineering "Eurekas" in order to deliver secure "end-to-end" communications and IoT processing platform Solutions, made like a tailored suit, bespoke for our Institutional and individual clients.

Secure Blockchain Connect™  represents a new generation of IoT "Super-User" hardware devices for absolute "security-by-design" for IoT mobility and Smart Building neworks. SBC smart IoT networks are scalable by incorporating innovative distributed-processing IoT hardware products.

"Secure Blockchain Connect" IoT hardware technology is designed for easy retro-fit onto vehicles, aircraft, ships, art objects and many other kinds of networks, incorporating safe onboarding, authentication and permanent protection of the provenance data, history, service and maintenance logs, permits and authorizations of vehicles.


"Secure Blockchain Connect"

UK Pat Pend TM


Automotive Electronic Blockchain System


Advanced crypto-suite and other UK patent pending

Secure Ledger

All automotive car records, ownership, history, service and all valuable documentation related to classic and vintage cars.


UK Patent Pending blockchain

Multi-Hop Artificial Intelligence Radio
Multi-Radio and Multi-Hop
Blockchain Ecosystem

IBM Blockchain Private Network of Car Ecosystem

Connectivity Firewall

AEBIS provides a 99.9% secure Firewall for Connectivity